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Monthly Maintenance Web Package

We are delighted to present an annual website maintenance service proposal for Our repeated customers. Our aim is to provide comprehensive support, ensuring your website remains current, secure, and captivating, thereby elevating your online presence and user experience. 

Scope of Services: 
  • Plugin Updates: Routine plugin updates to sustain functionality and security. 
  • Content Updates: Monthly update of up to 30 images, 3 Page creation, 20 products Entry and 10 blog posts to maintain vibrancy. 
  • Backup and Security: Scheduled backups and robust security measures for data safeguarding. 
  • Performance Optimization: Regular assessment for prompt loading and seamless user interactions. 
  • Responsive Design Check: Assurance of consistent performance across various devices. 
  • Broken Link and Error Monitoring: Frequent checks to rectify issues and enhance user satisfaction. 
  • Basic SEO Maintenance: Optimization of meta tags, titles, and headings for heightened visibility.


  • For one month = $100/Mo.
  • For Three Months = $90/mo.
  • For Six Months = $80/Mo.
  • For One Year = $70/mo.


  • Contract duration of 1/3/6/12 months, promoting consistent website upkeep. 
  • Monthly maintenance fee paid in advance at the beginning of each service month. 
  • 30-day notice before contract termination.
We are committed to sustaining and enhancing your website’s excellence. Our annual service ensures uninterrupted support, allowing you to dedicate time to your core business. Please feel free to reach out for additional details or any specific customization you might require.